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Summer Solstice Sound Bath Meditation

Updated: May 27

Come and reconnect with your inner self and tap into living in balance with your body and the Earth's natural cycles.

In Northern Hemisphere during the Summer Solstice (20th-23rd June) the sun is at the hight of its power.

It is celebrated as the longest day of the year. However it is a dual celebration as on the one hand, it is a celebration of all which has become manifested during the outward cycle of the sun but on the other hand it also celebrates the the return of the dark cycle of the year.

The Summer Solstice is the peak of our expresive power. It is time to enjoy and celebrate what you have , what and who you are and what you have achieved and manifested this year.

Coime and celebrate the death and rebirth of the great cycle of the year with me. As the power of the outer realm wane, the power of the inner realms will expand and we are made whole.

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