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Sound Bath Meditation

Come and reconnect with your inner self and tap into living in balance with your body and the Earth's natural cycles.

Beltane or May Day is about honoring the light half of the year and rejoicing in warmth, passion, fertility, and all of the earth’s blessings. It is a form of veneration of the warm sun, positivity, radiance, and abundance.

During this time of year, spring blossoms are in bloom, the fresh smell of grass fills the air, and all sorts of critters are buzzing about. This is a time of celebrating the fertility of the land and all the life it gives.

Using a combination of shamanic drumming, the sound of quartz crystal bowls, tibetan singing bowls, steel tongues drum,rainstick, tunning forks and Koshi chimes you'll experience deep and healing relaxation, drifting into an altered state of consciousness.This will help you to release feelings of anxiety, fear and worry and allow you to benefit from improved sleep, increased feelings of happiness, energy and a boost for your immune system.


1 hr 30 min session - £15 per person

To book your space please:



Marcela Trsova is an artist, shamanic healer and creative community practitioner and she inspires and guides people who are searching for a meaningful purpose in their lives how to find a deeper connection within themselves through variety of creative therapeutic processes and holistic practices and healing, enabling them to find the clarity, courage and inner strength to take control, follow their dreams and discover the true joy of being alive.

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