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The Diary

Before I start writing the journal I would like to write a little reflection why I am undertaking the journey. I’ve wanted to do it for a while (the idea was first born about 2 years ago) but I never felt quite ready. This summer I finally feel the time is right.


This year has marked the year when I’ve finally became a full time professional artist (at least in my eyes) this has been my dream my dream since I've left my country 10 years ago as a 20 year old I left out of frustration of not being able to pursue what I yearned to do – to study art and it has left me feeling quite strangled and hopeless.


It has been a long journey from then and now and it wasn't always easy, in fact it was incredibly challenging at times. But at long last I have managed to fulfil my dream. I feel right now I am standing at a crossroad I wanted to mark the end of an period of my life with something special so I can close the door an move onto a new chapter.


The Pilgrimage, 2010 by Marcela Trsova

I have lived in UK for 10 years and I feel at home here. However my yearning and the feeling of belongingto the place where I was born has never diminished, in fact it got stronger. Every time I come home to Sumava Mountains I feel a strange pulling of my heart to the land and the peace cone over me. I feel safe, loved and happy. I cannot explain, deny it or reason with it, it’s just there right in my heart. I am not sure if I would be aware of it if I still lived there but having left I am very conscious of it. It is not homesickness either as at this point in my life I am very happy and content with my life in UK.


So I have decided to explore these feelings and the whole notion of sense of belonging to certain landscape into which one was born.


During the pilgrimage which will take 10 days each year symbolizing one year of being away. I am going respond to the landscape intuitively through all my senses. I will challenge myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. I will open my mind, my heart and my soul to the land and I will try to get as close and intimate as I can.


I intent to sleep in the open air wherever is possible, walk on my own through The Sumava Mountains, Czech Republic where I grew up. I will walk from one end of the mountain range to another. I will visit places that have special meaning to me from my childhood. I will record the journey through this diary, drawing, collecting objects and capture it on video and photographs.


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