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This work is a reflected manifestation of a performace I conducted in summer 2010. It is exploring one’s relationship and deep emotional bond with the land and landscape in which they were born. On a more personal level the walk also marked an end to a 10 year period of a personal life journey I have embarked on since leaving the place and country of my birth.

During the performance I undertook a 10 day (187km) solitary journey across the Sumava Mountains in  Czech Republic, where I grew up.  For the duration of the journey I slept in the open air  and tried to understand and absorb the language and rhythm of the landscape. I kept a written, photographic and video diary recording my feelings and observations.

Over the following year I reflected upon my experiences and  developed a body of work consisting of a 10 sculptures that together form an installation capturing the essence of each day of the journey.

CLICK HERE to find out more about  Pilgrimage Reflected Installation, 2011

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