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The idea that objects could tell stories was developed from both working with the artist and examining artifacts from Papua New Guinea brought from the museum. In the afternoon of the first day, both groups gathered in the hall to make dioramas and to devise 'story mountains', which were then told to the whole gathering in a storytelling 'show and tell' at the end of the day. On the return visit, which started off in the Music Room, there was more stimulus from the artist's work, and more sharing of stories. But the main activity was working outside to construct dens, which could also be thought of as villages. As well as constructing the dens, pupils also developed their stories, attaching poetic phrases to the bamboo structures. Finally, two groups travelled from place to place, hearing each others stories and enjoying the sun.

The overall theme for the Griffon cluster was Routes and Pathways, although this was interpreted freely in all three schools. At the Junior School it was decided to concentrate on pathways through storytelling, culminating in the idea of journeying from village to village, hearing stories and telling them to others.



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