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How Shamanism can heal trauma and the fragmented soul loss

Shamans have been working with trauma for tens of thousands of years with great success. In fact Shamans are men and women who have been working on our behalf for over 100,000 years to help humankind survive with the help of our compassionate spirits and guides. We heal on a deeper soul level with the help of Shamanic journeying and going into a trance state . This can be done by some form of percussion, drumming, chanting or rattling so that we can travel to the unseen realms and we have the ability to see beyond the tangible world that we live in.

There are many types of trauma that humans have experienced and that has not changed from 100,000 years ago to the present day but what has changed is how we try to cope and heal from that trauma. We can go through months, years or even a lifetime without seeking help or healing but in Shamanic traditions any traumatic experience is healed within 3 days of the event happening.

This is normally done with a soul retrieval. When we go through any traumatic experience or suffer from shock the soul can become fragmented and leave the body. This is your soul protecting you from the intense pain and with that you may have a feeling of dissociation or not feeling "right" or "whole". These soul parts do not always integrate back into the body straight away and can become "lost" as a Shaman I can help retrieve those soul parts so that my clients can feel "whole" again and regain their power and balance in their lives.

In life we can also gain unwanted soul parts and negative energies that do not belong to us. This can have a dramatic effect on the human psyche and can cause limiting, negative beliefs, addictive behaviours, depression, anxiety, dis-ease and so much more. A soul extraction can help my clients stand back into their full power with the ability to respond to life Vs reacting to it.

Soul healing work is essential to get to the root of the problems instead of just putting a sticking plaster over it and hoping for the best. Soul extractions and soul retrievals are very helpful when you are at a spiritual crossroads in your life whether it is a life crisis, relationship problems, depression, PTSD, grief or just feeling stuck in life. Everything that happens to us whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual affects our spirit and Shamanic healing works at the deepest level of your spirit providing you with tools for growth and self empowerment.

Shamanic healing is not only the oldest healing modality known to man (and woman) but it is also the most powerful!!

Remember that wherever your heart is there you will find your treasure.

Paolo Coelho 

I am an artist, shamanic healer and creative community practitioner and through my art, variety of creative  processes and holistic healing and practices I inspire and guide people who  are searching for  a meaningful purpose in their lives how to find a deeper connection and  joy within themselves enabling them to find the clarity, courage and inner strength to take control, follow their dreams and discover their true path.

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Shamanism is the most time tested holistic healing method that we know of today, dating back at least 40,000 years, probably 100,000 years!

It was practised in all five continents and the shamanic practices from all over the world are strikingly similar and not bound by race, culture, belief or lifestyle.

Shamanic healing could be the oldest form of energy healing, dating back thousands of years (40,000-100,000)

Shamanism was practiced on all five continents and core practices from all over the world are strikingly similar and not bound by race, culture, belief or lifestyle.

The Shaman of a tribe or people acts as a bridge between the physical and spirit worlds, and travels the spirit world to bring back wisdom and healing for the community. They do this by entering a trance state (usually through rhythmic percussion - like the shamanic drum I mentioned last week) where the brain waves are altered to the theta state that is between waking and sleeping and enables a state of deep connection. 

It is important to note that shamans believe that despite their great accessibility to the spirit realm, all healing is self-healing. A shamanic healer knows how to move and manipulate the energy of another’s body and can pass wisdom through from the spirit realm, but true healing must take place inside the spirit of the individual.

Shamanic healing is done by channeling the guidance of trusted spirit guides and aims to achieve energetic balance. Removing stagnant and unhelpful energy accumulated in your body and energetic field over your lifetime and then retrieving parts of you that may have been lost in intense or traumatic times in this or previous lifetimes and restore them to you.

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