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Digital photographic diaries

In March 2019 my dad got diagnosed with terminal cancer. Over the coming months he got weaker every day and the hope of any treatment was gradually ruled out one by one, he rarely left the hospital...Three months later he passed away.

As I live in the different country to my parents I mainly keep in touch by phone. When we talked I tried to avoid the reality and we talked about other things like my art and things I was interested in. Once we had a conversation about the natural springs as I was researching it for one of my upcoming art projects.
My father was a simple man he didn't like gallavanting around the I do. It was too stressful for him. But he loved nature and his native land of Sumava Mountains, Czech Republic. And so do I and we shared that bond together. That day he told me about the natural springs in the area I grew up in and I never knew about. And we reminisced about the spring he used to take me and my sister to when we were children. He was so upbeat and sounded in good spirits. Few days later he took a sudden turn for worse and passed away. I never spoke to him again.

After the funeral I stayed with my mum for several weeks and despite the circumstances I had the best summer I've had in a long time. I walked and walked and walked the pain away in the mountains, meadows and hills. I also searched and found the three springs we've talked about and it brought joy and peace back to my heart ❤
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