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Creative Partnerships was the UK’s flagship creative learning programme running throughout England from 2002 until 30 September 2011.The Creative Partnerships programme brought creative workers such as artists, architects and scientists into schools to work with teachers to inspire young people and help them learn. The key characteristic of Enquiry Schools was collaboration between the school, creative professionals and young people, helping to bring the curriculum to life, providing new ways for learners to engage with subjects and develop increased motivation for learning.

Creative project based on employing children in using variety of natural materials and exploring and  combining them through  various scientific and natural processes. The results of the experiments were used in final permanent outdoor installation in the  grounds of the school.



The programme worked with over 1 million children, and over 90,000 teachers in more than 8000 projects in England from 2002 – 2011. During this time, Creative Partnerships was England’s flagship creative learning programme, designed to develop the skills of children and young people across England, raising their aspirations, achievements and life chances.

By working with creative professionals from many different disciplines, young people develop a variety of skills, knowledge and capabilities. Creative professionals have different expectations of young people and when these are set high, children rise to the challenge.

Enquiry schools decided on a specific focus for their programme in relation to the broader needs of the school.

All Creative Partnerships programmes allowed time for in-depth planning, co-delivery and reflection.

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