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Unity, 2020

Silver coated copper wire, collected dove feathers, crow feathers, lavbradorite stone, raoinbow moonstone
 I first conceived the idea for this work way back in 2014, when I saw an image of a dove and a crow in duel in the newspaper (Click here to read the article). The image really struck me through its strong visual symbolism dove symbol of hope, innocence, crow symbol of death , decay and trickster. When I read the article it resonated with me even deeper, as the image was capturing a moment when the Pope released doves as a symbolic gesture to bring peace to the world and they got attacked by the crows. I was just about to start to create the work but then my personal life took over.

5 years later I have finally resumed to work on this piece. I have begun to work on it during the lockdown quarantine having suddenly gained continuous time to think and work. During this time while weaving the intricate wire work I was reflecting upon what was going on around me as well as my life experiences and this work has taken on a new meaning to me. I no longer see it as a symbolic duel of the darkness against the light but as two parts of life they are irrevocably connected. There would be no light without darkness. Every one and everything on this planet has a light but also a dark has to be that way to keep the balance in the world and beyond.

Recently we celebrated Summer Solstice, a day traditionally celebrated as a festival of light. The point in the year when the sun is at its strongest. But it is also a point when the darkness begin to return, as from now on, everyday the days will begin to shorten again.

During the intensity of early motherhood and through the grief at a loss of my dad I have realized and learned many thing about myself. For me the darkness brought on deep reflection and that brought me a lot of light in return.

I can no longer call the work a Duel but a Unity as the light cannot be without the darkness and together they bring balance to life.

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