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Artist, holistic healer and creative community practitioner. 
Marcela Tršová

Inspiring and guiding you on how to find a deeper connection within and without, follow your dreams and discover the true joy of being alive.

My vision is to help to create a world where we all celebrate who we truly are, living fulfilling lives that we dream of and where by listening to our hearts and being present and honest with ourselves, we are changing the world to a better place, proving that anything is possible.


anemone flower drawing
anemone flower drawing
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About Me

I have always believed that art should take a greater part in society as it is a great tool for reaching out to all people, regadless on their age, background or language.

'When I was a girl I was brought  up to accept things as they are as we could not change them. I was taught to see and appreciate the little things that are in front of me, cherish the simple but the most important moments and by focussing on them find fulfilment and joy in life. Family, love, kindness to others and respect to nature, honouring its beauty and cultural celebration connected to its cycles.


By following my heart and fulfilling my dream to become an artist and through the journey that took me there I can now not only see the real beauty around me and feel it within but through my art and my work with people I am able to share it and enable others to see it too.'

Marcela Trsova Art&Healing
Marcela Trsova Art&Healing


Through my work I touch on the subtle and intuitive part of life. Those things we all feel, go through and see all around us, often without giving them much notice, attention or importance.

   I am interested in exploring the connection and relationship between nature and culture and the human inner and outer experience within it. I use many different materials and means of creative expression (performance, film, sculpture and installation) and it is this concept that unites my whole body of work.


Myths, folklore, fairytales as well as my life experiences and everyday observations all inform my practice. The materials and their combinations I use in my work often say more than one can see at the first sight. I carry out an extensive research into their symbolic meanings, connections and uses in culture.


Symbolism is very important in my work as I believe that primal imagery and symbols hold a great power of communication which is understood by all people regardless of their language, nationality, age or education.  I try to reach out to people on a subconscious and emotional level.'   

Marcela Trsova Art&Healing



I believe that by  connecting to your heart, your intuition and the energies of our environment and focusing on living in the present moment you discover who you truly are and what is your purpose in life.


Using variety of creative processes and the spiritual practices of shamanic healing , guided meditation, visualisation and sound therapy I guide people to get in touch with their heart, body and soul enabling them to find the inner peace and joy within and through it gaining the clarity and courage to fullfill their ambitions and dreams.


Marcela Trsova Art&Healing


My creative practice is closely connected with the creative community art projects I carry out and at the forefront of both practices is my love both for people and nature and the need to share it with others.

I have found that the interaction with people informs and conceptually feeds back into my creative work. It has given me a deeper understanding of how people perceive and understand art and how beneficial it can be to one’s wellbeing.

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